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Wall Layout

How to Lay Ceramic Wall Tile

Each wall requires a separate layout, but must be in uniform with the whole project.  This is where tiletemplate is a very valuable tool.  You can temporarily attach the tiletemplate to the wall with blue tape or pushpins.  On the most prominent wall, the one most visible, you will want your tile to be symmetrical.

Using a level start by establishing a vertical plumb line in the center of the prominent wall and a horizontal line at about eye height.   Place the template just below the horizontal line and into both corners.   Adjust the tiletemplate horizontally as needed.

Place another template vertically near the plumb line and over the first template.    If you are tiling floor to ceiling, you will find that it is a major advantage to use a tiletemplate.  A great tile job is easily spoiled if you have less than one half inch or a sliver width left to fill near the ceiling.

You may want to add a printed trim template to add some color and pizazz to your project.    Once you are satisfied with the vertical layout attach the template to the wall.

Move the horizontal template either up or down in order to line up perfectly with one of the vertical tiles but keep both ends in line with the adjoining walls.  You may need to slightly move the vertical template left or right in order to get both templates to perfectly line up tile over tile.  Tape the two templates together and carefully tape them to the wall making sure the templates are plumb and level.

At this point you have perfectly laid out the first wall, and you have established the horizontal layout for the adjoining walls.   After you are satisfied with your layout and have sufficiently marked reference lines on the walls, remove the templates and set aside for reference.

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